School of Life Sciences, Nanjing University, China Case Study - Plant Tissue Mill FSTPRP-24

 Product Case    |      2017.10.12    |      School of Life Sciences Nanjing University China Case Study - Plant Tissue Mill FSTPRP-24

The School of Life Sciences, School of Life Sciences, Nanjing University, purchased LAWSON FSTPRP-24 automatic sample rapid grinding instrument. It mainly grinds cyanobacteria to extract RNA. We freeze the sample and adapter with freezing function in liquid nitrogen. , and then grinding, to ensure that the sample is fully ground, and the grinding time is only 30 seconds, to avoid the problem of RNA degradation, the extracted RNA is mainly used in the role of biological functional groups in the maintenance of cyanobacteria bloom in Taihu Lake, salt marsh plants Photosynthetic physiology and its significance in the vegetation area of the coastal ecosystem.

There was no significant difference in the concentration and purity of DNA and RNA extracted from LAWSON (Luoshen China) after the automatic sample rapid grindometer processing and manual liquid nitrogen grinding treatment (paired test P>0.05). However, manual grinding has a large sample loss rate. For samples with low DNA extraction concentration, the automatic grinder can achieve sample 0 loss, which has obvious advantages in DNA extraction, and the manual processing process is complicated and easy to cross. Contamination, operation time, etc. are not as good as LAWSON's automatic sample rapid grinding machine, so the automatic grinding machine has great advantages for DNA extraction compared to manual grinding.

LAWSON (Luo Shang China) is currently the only domestic manufacturer of horizontal tissue grinding machines, vertical tissue grinding machines, and three-dimensional integrated tissue grinding machines with a full range of production lines. It is the inventor of multi-sample tissue grinding machines in China and masters core technologies. At the same time also to a number of foreign brands and domestic enterprises to provide OEM, OEM processing services.