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LAWSON - The principle of hair sample identification

Hair appraisal and drug use behavior is the appraisal method that has risen practically and universally in the legal inspection department in recent years.

The drug components or metabolites in drug addicts are used for the synthesis of tissue components during hair growth. Therefore, by identifying the components of hairs, it is possible to quickly determine whether a suspect has drug use behavior.

There are various extraction methods for hair components, of which the most efficient and accurate is the grinding and extraction. By grinding the hair into a powder, the surface area of the hair can be greatly increased, and its keratin protein can be sufficiently destroyed, so that the solvent can penetrate into the hair's medullary layer and cortex layer inside the hair to be fully dissolved and extracted, and then the extract solution can be detected to contain Drug ingredients can be quickly identified.

LAWSON's Progress in Research

As early as October 2015, Lawson Luoshan has begun to cooperate with Shandong Jining Public Security Bureau and Shanghai Judicial Institute to conduct the grinding test on the suspect's hair samples to identify whether the suspects have drug use behavior.

Now LAWSON has a new breakthrough - it can complete the grinding of hair samples under normal temperature conditions, without freezing and without liquid nitrogen, which facilitates detection and identification of more occasions.

Whether it is the need to quickly perform a large amount of hair sample grinding or the need to carry the equipment to an outdoor site for identification, LAWSON can still meet the requirements! 30 seconds to complete up to 384 samples (depending on the model, the sample flux is different).


LAWSON Rosanne Experimental Exploration

laboratory apparatus

LAWSON Rosenberg hair grinder, ultrasonic cleaning machine (LAWSON)

Experimental procedure

1. Clean the sampled hair in an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the contaminants;

2. After the clean hair is dry, it is subjected to preliminary cutting;

3. Put the hair into a special net grinding hair suit;

4. Set a special net hair grinder, start grinding;

5. After the grinding is completed, the hair sample is removed after the device is stopped, and subsequent component detection experiments are performed. Experimental results

Experimental results

The LAWSON Rosenberg hair grinder only needs 30 seconds of grinding to fully satisfy the sample size requirements of the hair sample extraction experiments.

LAWSON is the inventor of multi-sample grinding and refrigerating mills in China. It has mastered core technology and is one of the few large-scale production bases for grinding machines that integrate production and sales in China.