High-throughput tissue grinder features

 Company news    |      2017.11.24    |      High-throughput tissue grinder features

High-throughput tissue grinder features:

The high-throughput tissue grinder adopts a special three-dimensional vibration mode of vertical up and down and left and right, and the high-frequency reciprocating vibration, impact and shear of the beads (zirconia, steel balls, glass beads, ceramic beads). Fast implementation goals. Make the ground sample more adequate, more uniform, better sample repeatability, and no cross-contamination between samples

1. The number of operations is large and the effect is good.

Efficient and fast work can complete 2×24, 2×48, 4×96 samples in 1 minute. Save time and effort, between batches, the difference within the batch is small. The extracted protein is more active than the nucleic acid fragment.

2. No cross-contamination

The sample tube is fully enclosed during the crushing process, and disposable centrifuge tubes and beads can be used. The sample is completely retained in the tube to avoid cross-contamination between samples and external contamination.

3. Easy to operate

3.1 Built-in program controller, which can set parameters such as grinding time and vibration frequency of the rotor;

3.2 Humanized operation interface.

4. Good stability

4.1 Adopt vertical oscillation mode, the grinding is more complete and the stability is better;

4.2 During the operation of the instrument, the noise is less than 70dB and will not cause interference to other experiments or instruments.

5. Convenient for low temperature operation

When a cryogenic grinding environment is required, the adapter with the sample can be immersed in liquid nitrogen for 1-2 minutes, removed and transferred to the main unit for quick fixing to start grinding. It does not need to be re-frozen and save liquid nitrogen.

6. Repeatability is good

The same procedure was set for the same tissue sample to achieve the same grinding effect. Short working hours, sample temperature does not rise